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What type of Dremel (or similar grinding product) do you use for your dog's nails?

I don't know if we just got a lousy one or if they're all chintzy, but our cordless Dremel is lousy. It's the orange one that is marketed specifically for grinding pet nails. It's always been rather weak and tends to fall apart or just stop working.

Now, I have a giant breed with thick, enormous nails. I am not interested in something meant for small dogs, and I'm not interested in a Peticure. We want cordless, and relatively cheap (not, like, $80).

What sort of Dremel would you recommend? Do you think we should get another of the ones that are sold for pet nails? What other type?What type of Dremel (or similar grinding product) do you use for your dog's nails?
Don't bother with any variety made for pet nails. I have a Dremel Minimite cordless that I use for my own (thick) toe nails. I got it after a trip to my podiotrist who used a Dremel to file my nails in her office. This was long before the pet nail grinders became popular. When I saw the commercials for them, I decided to try it on my dogs, and it works. It has two speeds so you can control how fast it grinds, and you can choose a fine or course sanding drum. I think I paid about $40 for mine, but I had to order it online because it wasn't in stock at any stores around my home. If you don't have to have a cordless model, you can find them at walmart, target, home depot etc.What type of Dremel (or similar grinding product) do you use for your dog's nails?
Dremel-MultiPro Cordless-7.2 Volt-2 speed. I used in on Dobermans hundreds of times. We use the replacement sanding Bands that are 60 Grit. (#408 in the replacement packages.)

Add: The one we have actually says 770, similar as the one Oregano posted. I think it's probably the same thing, but ours is as old as the hills and still working strong. The one in her posting says 7700.
We got a Black %26amp; Decker Dremel for my danes' nails. It's corded and cost around $30-$35. I'm not sure how much a cordless one would cost, but the Black %26amp; Decker's have always worked well for me.
I think you may be referring to the Pedipaws, not a Dremel. Dremel is a name brand tool that has never been orange and does not fall apart.

If you want a good quality nail grinder, buy a Dremel brand one. They run about $50 and are commercial quality, with a rechargeable battery and two speeds.

Edit: use caution when purchasing. The regular Dremel tool has too high of rpms, and if you are not an expert, you can burn the nails off, which is uncomfortable for the dog. The one that is manufactured for nail grinding has lower rpms and is much safer.

Edit: Dremel makes a nail grinder called the ';mini-mite';. It comes with a rechargeable battery and has two speeds, both of them with lower rpms. It runs around $50. I have no idea why more people don't know about it-last year it was all the rage at Walmart!

I happen to own one and have no problem with the thing slowing down or not doing the job properly.鈥?/a>
I don't %26amp; never will use one.

I've done thousands of nails w/a real nail-whacker-Millers Forge.
I am using a regular dremel, sold at Home Depot or Lowes in the tools section. Can also be used for various home projects. It is however not cordless.
Just go to a hardware store and pick out a pretty inexpensive yet decently designed hand grinder. You should be able to find one for about 20 bucks. The PediPaws of the world are worthless and a waste of money.
The orange ones stink cause you have to use batteries.

I have one that has a rechargeable battery. I can't find it at the moment but, it is either the 4.8 volt or 7.2 volt one that comes with a 25 accessory kit. You can get it at lowes, home depot...ect.
Pick up a standard cordless Dremel at the hardware store. Not the ones made specially for pets (which are underpowered and not too sturdy). I got one with two speeds and an abundance of attachments, including the sanding drums used for nails, for $29.99 on sale. Very sturdy, powerful, never had a problem with it at all, and I use it for 6 pets. I believe this is the one I have:鈥?/a>

Add: RPM settings on this one are 10,000 and 20,000 for low and high. It doesn't hurt me if I slip and hit my finger, and doesn't seem to bother any of my pets at all.

I want to get my nails done at home, what is a good product to use?

Like, a product for french nails, something that actually works.

and also one for fake nails, ones that actually stay on for awhile. and how much would it cost? something i could pick up at walmart?

and no 'just go to a nail salon' crap. i don't have enough money to go there now. and no 'go when you have money' im 13, i don't have 50 to go get fake nails on.

AND ALSO: no 'your too young to get nails on!' ive had them on twice before. so yeah. as you can tell, people have told me that stuff before

if you say that, you can be assured that your not getting the best answer.I want to get my nails done at home, what is a good product to use?
get this product from avon

you get a manicure without pain

you sute this tapystuff on your nails and then you press it on

or use OPI nail stuff
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  • Does walmart carry the product GNC Women's Hair, Skin & Nails Formula??

    I used to be scene and i turned prep.

    Now im stuck with scene hair.

    i did my recerch and GNC Women's Hair, Skin %26amp; Nails Formula seeems to be the most trusted and most working heir growing vitiman. I have also moved where it is very humid. I have curly hair. but curly hair looks goregous long!!!!!!!

    i just got out of school and i now have two months. my hiar is very short also. Does walmart carry this product?

    and do you have anyother secrets to make hair grow fast??

    because i want it where it was before i cut it, where my arm bends. but im sure it wont grow that long in tow months!!!!

    But i at least want it a tad bit past my shoulders when school starts back !!!!!

    help?!?!?!!Does walmart carry the product GNC Women's Hair, Skin %26amp; Nails Formula?? ok, hippie. anyway to answer the OP question. No. You can either get it at GNC stores or the ever so wonderful where you can get it several dollars cheaper than the actual brand store, even cheaper if you have a GNC gold card but either way if you go to, you saved ALOT of money. =)

    I haven't taken GNC hair, skin, and nails. I planned on it but I decided to get something else. I took Ultra Nourish hair for a while and I was very pleased with the results.Does walmart carry the product GNC Women's Hair, Skin %26amp; Nails Formula??
    well first of all don't ever ever ever shop at walmart.. worst place ever it's ruining our economy which is the reason why many people are losing their jobs are why alot of people are homeless.. stay away from walmart those low prices are just tricking you but the more you buy their products the more powerful walmart will get and the more people will lose their jobs not only that they treat their employee's like crap

    so try looking at sally's or even target anything BUT walmart no way
    YES THEY DO!!!! yesterday June 7, 2008 i went to Wal-Mart and i bought some, they were like $7.00, maybe a little more or a little less, but i started taking them and i feel blood pumping through my hair (means your hair is growing) mine were in a pink bottle. HAir, skin, and nails. with 3000 mcg of biotin. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

    My Grandad has really thick toe nails, what would be the best product to get for him?

    I try to take care of his feet but his toe nails are so thick i know it isn't good and it looks gross too, i know they have like tea tree oil nail polish for stuff like that, or at least i believe they do, and they have other stuff on the market but i don't know where to start looking and what would be the best product, becuase he says that he's used some of that stuff before and said that it didn't work, but i'm gonna go ahead and give it a shot for him. So please do the best you can in giving me advice, i'd prefer experience, but anything will help:)My Grandad has really thick toe nails, what would be the best product to get for him?
    yup yup your ';grandad'; okay....My Grandad has really thick toe nails, what would be the best product to get for him?
    He may have a nail fungus. However my son had thick nails and after years of trying fungus stuff (with no results) we now put a prescription lotion on his nails and it looks like the new growth is normal.

    Go to a foot doctor.
    Send him to an old folks' home and let them take care of it.

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    Hello. Did any one used this product? ----> Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair and Nails CoQ10... I need review?

    Please if any body used this pruduct write a review on it,, Does it works? Does it do what it claims ... And what kind of resolts did you got personally...

    Thank you very much for your responses in advance.Hello. Did any one used this product? ----%26gt; Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair and Nails CoQ10... I need review?
    I use Andrew Lessman's multi vitamins and his ';Hair Skin and Nails'; Formula.....the COQ10 is a different pill, not included with the hair vitamin supplement.

    I noticed that within one month of taking the ProCaps/Lessman supplements, my hair seemed to have a major jump in the speed of its growth. It was actually a bit of a shock! I had used the GNC ';UltraNourishair'; for 4 months and they seemed to help too, but the Andrew Lessman pills made a bigger difference and I think it is because his products are the MOST pure and delivered in a microencapsulated form which is the most efficient rather than the GNC tablets which are solid and have to be broken down by your body's stomach enzymes.

    I really love the Andrew Lessman products, and have seen a measurable difference in my hair since using them.

    Okay, I see what you are asking about now.....I just saw Andrew on TV with the COQ10/hair formula.....that has never been offered before and is only being offered this once for his 10th anniversary, so nobody could review it yet since he hasn't shipped that product out yet........I did order some, though, and would recommend trying it if you can because his products are the best.

    False nails have been removed own nails weak and very unhealthy can anyone help with advice of a product?

    Try vaseline intensive care hand and nail cream. Apply as many times as day as you wish, makes nails stronger and hands really soft.False nails have been removed own nails weak and very unhealthy can anyone help with advice of a product?
    Try not to have false nails on. With all the reports of fungi and infections going around from these nail salons here lately, I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't the cause. Nails, like eyes, have to ';breathe'; in order to maintain health (that's why my optometrist recommends going part of the day without my contacts in).False nails have been removed own nails weak and very unhealthy can anyone help with advice of a product?
    I cant give any advice, but I can sympathise. I wore false nails and they ruined my real nails too, over a year later they are still really weak and brittle. They are really not worth it, next time go for gel tips instead, thats what I am going to do.
    you need gelatine to strenghthen them , buy jellys and eat, also you can buy off the shelf in the supermarket hair and nail vitamins

    they work as i have had long nails all my life up until last few years handling books for selling at markets i have started on the tablets plus make a few jellies and eating them, and my nails are now starting to strenghthen again
    You have had them on too long, but you know that. You can get a kit from Avon which has all the ingredients you need to look after and strengthen your nails. Just follow the instructions and your nails will soon regain their strength.
    Sounds daft I know but eat a square of raw jelly every day. Works for me x
    First give yourself a proper manicure. Strong results from avon works everytime, its not expensive, you put it on every day and you will see quick results.
    Vitamin dose and executive base from Bio sculpture.
    If you can find it, the stuff they put on horses hooves works like magic! No joke, my friend went out with a jockey and her nails kept splitting so he gave her some of this stuff [no idea what its called sorry] and within a few weeks her nails were really strong and for the first time in her life she was able to grow her nails really long. So try it. Other than that, Sally Hanson diamond hard nail stuff is good too.
    I suggest a nail strengthener and hardener, such as Sally Hanson brand.

    Sadly, when nail tips are applied, the nail technician buffs down the surface of the nails to make the tips adhere better, but at the cost of thinner, weaker nails.

    Use the nail strengthener as often as recommended on the bottle, morning and night.

    I find that gently using the nails, such as tapping them on the desk, helps to get them stronger. Don't let them soak in water too long, this will weaken them too much, use rubber gloves until they strengthen up a bit more.

    Good luck!
    Oh dear, I know what your going through. Let me gues, they're thin, brittle, and peeling? I wore my acrylic nails for two years and finally took them off in January. I bought Nailtiques (search it on google and read the reviews). I swear by it. It's unbelievable. I wish I can show you what my nails look like. You apply it once a day and within just 24 hours your nails will feel a lot stronger and thicker. You feel how it starts working as soon as you apply it. NO JOKE! It's a bit pricey but worth every penny. Although, I also bought Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth Activator, which I still use. It's also really good, and it's only $5. You apply it twice, morning and night, rub it on nail and on cuticle. Results within just days. Also you may want to heat up a little Olive Oil and soak your fingers in it for about 20 minutes. Olive Oil heals cuticle beds which allow your nails to grow faster. I hope this helps and goodluck!
    uhh do to op nials and get ur nails done!
    The people that stand in shopping centres/malls selling the etre products they often stop you asking to buff one of your nails. well buy this product it has minerals from the dead sea and comes with a file, buffer, cuticle oil and hand lotion and it lasts about a year. it is quite expensive about 拢20 - 拢25 but well worth it I bought some and within the month my nails were back to their strong and healthy selves. I was advised this product by my manicurist as she also uses it.


    a good home remedy (though there is stuff you can buy at the drug store that looks like nail polish but it's nasty tasting stuff to keep you from wanting to bite your nails cause it's gross) is to rub raw garlic on your nails ... unless you just love raw garlic.I hAVE A PROBLEM BECAUSE I BITE MY NAILS ALOT, WHAT IS A GOOD PRODUCT TO HELP ME STOP?
    Put some jalapenos on your fingers-- that will prevent you from biting them for awhile... and do that until the habit is gone.I hAVE A PROBLEM BECAUSE I BITE MY NAILS ALOT, WHAT IS A GOOD PRODUCT TO HELP ME STOP?
    They sell this stuff at Sally's I THINK that is like a clear nail polish but tastes really bad. Or get in your family or a friend to help you, Everytime they see you biting your nails tell them to pop your hand out of your mouth, also, just start sitting on your hands everytime you get the urge to bite!@!
    Go get them manicured lol....i bite my nails alot but when i have them done i dont bite them at all...hey its worth a try right...
    coat them with a bitter tasting anti-nail biting polish like this one:鈥?/a>

    or you can coat them with galic water. trust me you dont wanna bite that!
    There is a product called Stop the Bite. It is a clear nail polish that tastes extremely bitter and the taste lingers for a while. You could also use tobasco sause mixed in nail polish.
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